cadet leadership

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 - Reports directly to the SASI/ASI

 - The appearance, discipline, effectiveness, training and conduct of the cadet operations group.

 - Oversee and supervise the activities of subordinates under their control.

 - Coordinate, chair and attend command staff meetings

 - Brief SASI/ASI on the condition, morale and welfare of group.

 - Other duties as assigned by the SASI/ASI.


- Reports directly to the CGP/CC

- Maintain appearance, discipline, and motivation of the enlisted corps.

- Enforces all standards established by the CC

- Counsels enlisted members on disciplinary matters as well as recommends cadets for boards and recognition.

- Provide recommendations to the CGP/CC based on inputs from lower ranking enlisted cadets and acts as a liaison between the corps and group staff.

- Advises the CGP/CC on problems with the corps and suggest possible solutions.

- Oversees the activities of the NCO corps

- Conducts NCO meeting twice monthly

  Conducts weekly safety inspections of all cadet facilities.

- Reports all safety violations or findings to the CGP/CC, SASI/ASI and provide recommendations for correcting safety related issues.

- Complete school/district work-orders when necessary

- Conduct a safety briefing with all cadets prior to any activity, function,drill meet or field trip.

- Annotate and print safety briefings on computer and obtain signatures from all attending cadets.

- Maintain safety log with all briefings and write ups

- Ensures all safety equipment is staged and ready to support activities and events

- Any additional duties assigned by the CGP/CC


- Reports directly to the CGP/CC

- Oversee cadet drill training by heading after school Drill class

- Oversee cadet Special Forces team by keeping abreast of their activities and training

- Overseeing the Flight Commanders

- Relay information from senior staff to Flight CCs

- Acts as liaison between flights and CGP/CC

- Oversees the activities of subordinates under their control

- Creating and conducting standard evaluations (Stan/Evals) for the cadet operations group.

- Ensure all cadet operations group activities are conducted in accordance with current air force, Holm   Center, AFJROTC and locally developed directives, policies and procedures.

- Perform other duties as assigned by the CGp/CC.


- Reports directly to the CGP/CC

- Ensure proper maintenance of administrative and personnel files

- Oversees all activities of the Public Affairs

- Maintain the group’s organizational chart and unit manning document

- Publish a cadet directory

- Writing and posting weekly staff meeting minutes

- Maintain administrative files in accordance with established policies and procedures

- Maintain bulletin boards

- Maintain group continuity files

- Maintain and update cadet forms and regulations

- Maintain cadet personnel records

- File all documentation in cadet records or other internal media

- Input Cadet data into the Cadet Inventory Management Program

- Prepares all request forms for events and activities

- Assist CSV/CGCC with administrative functions of Drill competitions

- Assist CSV/RMCC with administrative functions of club competitions

- Responsible for tracking cadet rank through promotion system

- Any additional duties assigned by the CGP/CC


- Reports directly to the CGP/CC

- Oversees activities of subordinates under their squadron

- Ensure a high level of morale and esprit de corps is maintained within the unit

- Promote high levels of physical fitness within the unit

- Any additional duties assigned by the CGp/CC

- Establish, maintain and execute programs to recruit potential cadets into the program

- Establish an APT team and select members from each flight to serve on team

- Establish and execute a retention program to encourage cadets to remain in the program

- Submit After Action Reports to CGp/CC within fourteen days after event

- Plans, coordinates and executes all group special projects i.e.: Military Ball, BBQs, Awards Night, Base Trips, Change of Command Ceremonies,

- Construct and submit after actions reports to the CGP/CC within seven days after each project

- Establish, coordinate and execute programs to retain current cadets in program

- Plan and coordinate extracurricular and co-curricular activities with other school organizations

- Assist the SASI/ASI in scheduling cadets for base visits and similar activities

- Any additional duties assigned by the CGP/CC


Reports directly to the CGP/CC

- Maintain an inventory of on-hand supplies/equipment, uniforms and textbooks

- Maintain inventory of all assigned weapons

- Maintain inventory in the cadet inventory management computer program

- Supervise all flight supply representatives

- Develop, in writing, procedures for uniform replacement items (works with ASI to accomplish task)

- Distribute supplies to all functional areas

- Select and supervise two armory personnel to manage unit armory

- Any additional duties assigned by the CGP/CC


- Reports directly to the CGP/CC

- Oversees all recruiting and retention activities

- Coordinates, Plans and schedules Junior High Visits

- Plans, coordinate and schedules activities to recruit possible cadets from the school   


- Plans, coordinate and schedules activities to increase retention of current cadet roster

- Any additional duties assigned by the CGP/CC